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Our services include manufacturing diamond engagement rings, custom made wedding rings, repairs and remodelling, valuations and advice.

Flower Diamond Engagement Ring | Shadwick's Fine Jewellery
Flower Diamond Engagement Ring
2 Tone Diamond Engagement Ring | Shadwick's Fine Jewellery2 Tone Diamond Engagement Ring Profile | Shadwick's Fine Jewellery
2 Tone Diamond Engagement Ring
Pearl earrings | Shadwick's Fine Jewellery
Pearl Earring
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2 Tone Wedding Rings
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Sapphire And Diamond Engagement Ring
2014-08-15 14.47.472014-08-15 14.49.01
Sapphire Wedding Ring
2014-09-11 10.09.43
Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
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Pearl & Diamond Ring
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3 Stone Claw Set Diamond Engagement Rings
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Diamond Engagement Rings

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Est 2001

Family Owned

Daniel Shadwick started his career by working at the well-known Wensleys Jewellers of Fremantle, for his father and founder Bob Shadwick, who instilled in his son an appreciation and love for the craft. Today, Daniel has been manufacturing Jewellery for more than 26 years and is a third-generation jeweller. He has won multiple awards along the way and is a highly-respected craftsman in his field.

One of a Kind

Daniel learned to set diamonds and semi-precious stones from the start of his jewellery apprenticeship, and each piece of jewellery is started and finished in their very own workshop.

Competitive Prices

At Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery, we cater to everyone; from offering experienced and professional advice, selling diamonds at very competitive prices, through to the design and manufacture of any style of Jewellery.


Jewellery Design Perth

Popping the question is your first step towards making a long-term commitment to the love of your life. Many people want to surprise their partners with an engagement ring so they can top the romantic moment with a beautiful symbol of their devotion. Others take a more pragmatic approach and opt to take their partners with them when they go engagement ring shopping.

Either way, finding the perfect ring is not easy. You can save yourself the stress by simply contacting Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery, award-winning specialists on wedding rings and engagement rings in Perth. Schedule an appointment and we’ll give you expert advice on how to choose an engagement ring, as well as how to choose his and hers wedding rings.

You may feel overwhelmed with so many different types of rings to choose from. But you don’t need to be. We’ll guide you through our selection of women’s engagement rings and men’s wedding rings Perth and if you don’t see something you like we’ll help you design a custom piece that perfectly suits you as a couple. With over 26 years’ experience as a jeweller, Daniel Shadwick is one of the best wedding ring designers in Perth. So rest assured that you’ll be in capable hands.

One of Daniel’s specialities is setting diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gemstones. His expertise includes advice on how to choose the best diamond for your custom design. You’ll find out how the 4Cs – cut, colour, clarity, carat – affect style and price. This enables you to make an informed decision when it comes to finalising the look of your custom-made jewellery in Perth.

Not only do we offer standard and custom wedding rings in Perth, but we also offer a unique price guarantee: We promise to beat any written quote you bring to us!


Daniel Shadwick has jewellery design in his blood. He’s a third-generation jeweller and learned his craft from his father, Bob Shadwick. He completed his apprenticeship at Wensleys Jewellers of Fremantle, working under his father who owned the store. Over the years, he’s honed his skills in setting diamonds and semi-precious stones in different ring shapes and styles. His work has won several awards, firmly establishing his reputation as one of the finest designers of engagement and wedding rings in Australia.

Once he’d completed his apprenticeship, Daniel opened his own store, Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery. He now has more than 26 years’ experience and is one of the best-known jewellers in Perth. One of Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery’s hallmarks is its complete control over the whole design and manufacturing process. This gives Shadwick’s absolute consistency and quality control, which is exactly what you want when you’re looking for custom wedding rings from Perth jewellers.

If you want to find out more about Shadwick’s custom-made engagement rings and wedding rings in Perth, or simply want some advice on how to choose the best rings, especially the best diamonds for your ring, call (08) 9221 1790 or 0412 995 997 (mobile). Alternatively, complete the form on the contact page to schedule an appointment.

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Call Now: (08) 9221 1790

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my diamond is what they say it is??

At Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery every diamond and diamond set piece comes with a valuation certificate that states the exact properties of your diamond. Valuation is done by an independent valuer who is fully qualified.

How do I determine a budget??

A diamond is a lifelong purchase. At Shadwick’s our sales professionals will try to get the biggest and better clarity whilst staying within your budget.

Which of the 4c's is the most important??

The quality and value of a diamond depends on all of the 4c’s. We believe the Cut of the stone are the most critical when determining the brilliance, fire and beauty of a diamond.

How do I care for my diamond jewellery??

At Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery we offer a lifetime cleaning service on your diamond jewellery. Bring your pieces into our workshop every 3 months for a professional clean and polish where at the same time we will check all settings for your piece of minds. In between this time you clean your diamond jewellery at home with Palmolive dishwashing liquid, cloudy ammonia hot water (hot kettle temperature water).

Please note+ any semi precious stone emerald, opal, pearl, should always be taken to your jewellers to clean and polish as hot water can harm this items.

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