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Unique Male Wedding Rings in Perth

Traditionally, the focus has been on finding the perfect engagement and wedding ring for her, but the time has come to give as much time and focus on men’s wedding ring styles too.

At Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery, we offer a wide selection of men’s wedding bands in a variety of metals from platinum and rose gold to titanium and cobalt. Ceramic and carbon fibre wedding rings are growing in popularity and are now available in store too. The Shadwick’s team is led by Daniel Shadwick and his over 20 years’ experience as a respected, award-winning designer of men’s wedding rings in Perth.

We create all our jewellery from scratch and manage the entire design and manufacturing process in-house. We can guarantee excellent quality every time thanks to our hands-on approach to jewellery design. Regardless of whether you choose traditional or custom-made wedding rings, you can rest assured that you’ll get service excellence and world-class materials.

Choose from Our Variety of Men’s Rings in Perth

Thanks to our array of men’s wedding ring designs, you are guaranteed to find something to suit your style and preference at Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery.

Choosing a metal for a wedding band is a very personal process, one that entails taking the time to be informed and assess its qualities and properties too. At Shadwick’s, we have wedding rings in a multitude of metals, including:

Gold – Choose from yellow gold, white gold or even rose gold. Yellow gold is timeless and classic whereas white gold shines suits most preferences and looks a lot like platinum. Rose gold is becoming an ever-popular choice for men’s wedding bands too.

Platinum – An extremely durable metal, platinum is a perfect choice for the man that can afford it. It is also hypo-allergenic and doesn’t need to be plated.

Palladium – As like platinum, palladium is durable and guaranteed to keep it shine for its entire lifetime.

Titanium – With a look and feel like white gold, titanium is lighter in weight than gold but with much stronger properties. It is also less expensive than other precious metals, like gold.

How to Choose Men’s Wedding Rings

When deciding which type and style of men’s wedding ring to buy, there are a few factors you should first consider, such as:


Depending on your personal preference in comfort as well as the size of your hands, men can choose wedding rings in a variety of widths from very thin (+/- 2mm) to the very wide (+/- 12mm).


Again, it all comes down to personal preference, but men can choose from a variety of styles when it comes to wedding rings including what kind of finish, profile and shape they want as well as whether they want it to be engraved or not.

Contact Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery to find out whether men’s titanium wedding rings are more to your taste or whether unique male wedding rings better suit your personality.


In today’s modern times, men’s wedding rings are not only available in plain metal finishes. Men can choose to include stones such as diamonds, sapphires and other precious and semi-precious gems too.

At Shadwick’s, we offer a variety of wedding band shapes for men as well, which include:

• Court – Round on top and bottom
• D-shape – Round on top, with a flat bottom
• Flat – Flat on top and bottom
• Flat court – Flat on top, with a round bottom

A Jeweller in Perth You Can Rely On

Whether you want to select a men’s wedding ring from our large variety of styles available or whether you and your partner would prefer to have a bespoke wedding band designed by Daniel and his design team, anything is possible at Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery.

Pop into our Perth Store to view our extensive range today or call us on (08) 9221 1790, one of our specialists is ready and waiting to help you make the right choice for your forever more’s.

Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery, make your own fairy-tale come true.

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