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Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery is the leading choice for quality wedding bands in Perth. We were founded over sixty years ago by Great Grandfather Shadwick and have been providing excellence in jewellery design and customer service for three generations. At Shadwick’s you will find a wide range of styles of wedding bands for men and women, as well as exquisite engagement rings, to suit your unique tastes.

Choosing the perfect wedding band can be a daunting decision for any couple; after all, you want to make sure it’s perfect because it is a symbol of your unending love. The Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery team are passionate about making the process of choosing the right wedding ring as easy and comfortable as possible. Led by Daniel Shadwick, with over 20 years’ experience as a jeweller, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with the Shadwick’s team.

To view our wide range of designer wedding bands, call Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery on (08) 9221 1790 or visit us at our Perth store today.

Standard and Custom-Made Wedding Bands in Perth

Whether you are looking for men’s wedding bands in Perth or to custom-design a wedding ring for her, we are here to help. We will guide you through our wide selection of diamond wedding bands and other wedding band options, which include stones, styles and metals like:

  • Sapphires
  • Two-tone
  • Brushed finishes
  • Black diamonds
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Rose gold
  • White gold

If you and your significant other are more inclined to choose a custom wedding band of your own creation, we are more than happy to create a unique piece for you. One of our experienced specialists will guide you from design right through to the manufacture of your bespoke wedding ring.

Choosing the Perfect Diamond

Saying I love you with diamonds, is truly one of the best ways to do it. Selecting the right diamond is an art and a skill that can be learnt. The first step is to understand the 4 C’s of any diamond – cut, carat, clarity and colour.


We all know how beautifully a diamond can shine in the light. The quality of this shine or its interaction with light is what is referred to as its cut. Excellent quality diamonds will shine in a multi-faceted way and bounce light of itself immensely.


The best quality diamonds have no hue or colour to them and are clear in nature. The more colourless the diamond, the more expensive and valuable they are.


Every diamond is made up of internal inclusions and external blemishes that are as a result of undergoing extreme pressure and heat during its creation process deep in the earth. A diamond’s clarity is assessed by analysing the number, size, nature and position of these inclusions and blemishes.


Most of us are familiar with the term ‘carat’ when discussing diamonds. The carat of a diamond refers to its weight, where one carat is equivalent approximately to 200 milligrams. A larger carat denotes and more expensive or valuable diamond.

Shadwick’s will Help You Find Your Best Complimentary Piece

At Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery, we are passionate about helping each customer find the wedding ring to compliment a lady’s engagement ring, or that fits a gentleman’s needs and wants perfectly.

Whether you’ll be browsing our store to find a wedding band that speaks to you, or if you’ll be designing a custom-made piece with Daniel or one of our specialists, we are determined to make sure you find the wedding ring that expresses your love to the tee.

We are conveniently located in Perth and welcome a visit from all our customers at any time. We would love to take you through our wedding ring collection, or you are welcome to call us on (08) 9221 1790 and make an appointment to see one of the specialists too.

Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery, make your own fairy-tale come true.

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