Born in Manila, Philippines and migrated to New Zealand in 1986 at the age of 13. Move to Australia in 1994 and has been here ever since.

Studied Diploma in Fibre Fashion and Textile Design.

Been in the trade since 2002. Married to Dan Shadwick who has been my mentor ever since I started. I started with no knowledge on how to make or repair jewellery.

My role in the company is an all rounder. A jeweller, payroll, accounts, book keeping, I call myself a Jobber.

My favourite stone: Diamond/Sapphires

Best part of my job: I get to work with 2 amazing jewellers and the challenge.

Worst part of my job: When you get an earrings and rings that is so clog up with skin particles and dirt.

I love making jewellery because at the end of it all you know your making someone happy.

My bench is alway messy and my face is always black due to constant polishing. I have the messiest bench in the workshop.