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For All You're Custom Made Engagement Ring Requirements

For all your custom diamond engagement ring requirements, choose from our vast and varied range today. All our designs are captivating, elegant and include designs, stones and metals like:

  • Flower diamond style
  • 2-Tone diamond style
  • Sapphire and diamond rings
  • Halo style diamond rings
  • Pearl and diamond rings
  • Rose gold rings
  • Sapphire rings
  • White gold rings
  • 3-stone claw set diamond rings
  • Diamond rings
  • 4-claw diamond rings
  • Halo style rings

If you are looking to have an engagement ring designed that is unique to you, we certainly can help too. Book an appointment with Daniel or one of our specialists today, and they will advise and guide you in creating the diamond engagement ring design of your dreams.

How to Choose a Diamond Ring

Selecting a diamond that symbolises your love forever more, is an important life milestone. No two diamonds are alike, and when choosing a diamond ring, it is important to understand how to determine its quality. Diamond specialists grade diamonds according to the 4 C’s, namely cut, colour, clarity and carat.


When talking about the ‘cut’ of a diamond, this is referring to its interaction with light. A diamond with a good cut will return light incredibly well and will shine brightly in the light thanks to its proportions and symmetry.


Excellent quality diamonds have no colour and are clear and colourless; such a diamond would be more valuable than a slightly more coloured one. Diamonds are graded according to colour, from D (which denotes colourless) to Z (which is the most coloured kind of diamond).


Clarity of a diamond is determined by assessing numerous factors, namely the number, size, nature and position of qualities that exist within every diamond called ‘inclusions’ and ‘blemishes’. Inclusions refer to internal characteristics and blemishes refer to external ones. These are created in a diamond during its creation process when it undergoes extreme heat and pressure from the earth.


The carat of a diamond refers to its weight, a metric carat is approximately the same as 200 milligrams. The larger the carat or heavier the weight, the more expensive the diamond,

Choose an Engagement Ring Jeweller You can Trust

With a wealth of experience in the jewellery industry, we are your local jewellers of choice. Our ethos is to provide personalised service to every client. Our team of specialists look forward to offering you a look at our engagement rings for women range, or to help you in designing your own, unique creation.

Every time you step foot into our store, we guarantee we will make you feel like you are our only customer. Our team provides world-class customer service with a personal touch.

Visit our Perth store today to view our full range of engagement rings today. To make an appointment with Daniel or to speak to a specialist call us on (08) 9221 1790 now.

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