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Traditionally, a lot of fuss is made over women’s engagement and wedding rings. Now it’s the man’s time to shine. You can choose between a variety of metals, from platinum and rose gold to titanium and cobalt. Even ceramic and carbon fibre wedding rings are available if you want something unique. With over 26 years’ experience in the jewellery industry, Daniel Shadwick is one of the most respected award-winning designers of men’s wedding rings in Australia. Contact Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery for expert advice on how to go about choosing male wedding rings. Simply fill in the contact form or call (08) 9221 1790 to schedule an appointment at our store in London Court, Hay Street, Perth.

Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery manages the entire design and manufacturing process; nothing is outsourced to independent contractors. This ensures consistent quality control, so you can rest assured that, regardless of whether you choose traditional or unique male wedding rings, you’ll get outstanding service and world-class materials.

Tips on how to choose men’s wedding rings

There are a number of factors when choosing men’s wedding rings, including, metal, width, style, and gemstones.


* Gold

Men’s gold wedding rings have always been popular, with yellow gold being the most common. White gold and even rose gold are becoming more common. Each type has its pros and cons.

Yellow gold has a timeless, classic look, but because it’s quite soft, it wears down with time.

White gold shines like platinum but is considerably less expansive. However, it can lose its sheen over time and needs to be rhodium plated every 8 – 10 years or so.

Rose gold is an option for those who like the timelessness of yellow gold but want something unique to catch the eye. It is also quite a soft metal, so it shows scratches and wear and tear. A quick polish is often all that’s needed to restore its shine.

* Platinum

Platinum is perfect for men who want to shine, provided they have a sizeable budget. It is a very expensive metal, but it is also very durable. You’ll never have to plate it and, as an added bonus, it’s hypoallergenic.

* Palladium

Palladium falls under the platinum family of metals, so it is durable and maintains its sheen over its entire lifespan. It’s more affordable than platinum but like platinum it’s prone to scratches.

* Titanium

Men’s titanium wedding rings are a good option for grooms on a budget. It has some of the look and feel of white gold and platinum but is considerably less expensive, and lighter in weight. It’s an exceptionally hard metal so rings can’t be resized.

* Tungsten

Tungsten is even stronger and more affordable than titanium. It’s slightly darker than platinum, white gold, and titanium but it has a sleek modern look. They don’t scratch, unlike other metals, but they can be brittle and break under pressure.

* Cobalt chrome

Cobalt chrome is another white metal that has a beautiful shine and is durable and scratch resistant. It’s one of the more affordable options in men’s wedding rings.

* Ceramic titanium carbide

This is a relatively new metal used for men’s wedding rings. As it contains titanium it is strong and durable. It comes in a range of colours, including a very stylish polished black.

Contact Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery to find out whether men’s titanium wedding rings are more to your taste or whether unique male wedding rings better suit your personality.


Male wedding rings range from the very thin (+/- 2mm) to the very wide (+/- 12mm). The choice depends on how big or small your hands are, as well as comfort. Talk to our experts in male wedding rings in Perth to help you decide which width is most comfortable for you.


Style includes the finish (polished or matte), engraving (a matching message engraved on the bride’s and groom’s rings, for example), and the ring profile or shape. The following shapes are available:

* Court: Rounded on the top and the bottom
* D-shape: Rounded on the top and flat on the bottom
* Flat: Flat on the top and the bottom
* Flat court: Flat on top and rounded at the bottom

Gemstones Traditionally men’s wedding rings are plain bands with no embellishment. These days, it’s not uncommon for rings to be set with diamonds, sapphires, and other precious and semi-precious gems. Gemstone settings can be used to create matching rings for a romantic bride and groom.

Custom wedding rings

Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery offers a custom wedding ring service to help you come up with a unique design that incorporates your favourite metal (or combination of metals), engraved patterns, and jewel setting.

Call (08) 9221 1790 or 0412 995 997 (mobile) to make an appointment with one of the most reputed designers of men’s wedding rings in Perth.

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