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Shadwick’s Fine Jewellery has stood the test of time, helping couples in Perth find perfect designer engagement rings to confirm their love and symbolise their union. Led by multi-award-winning Daniel Shadwick with 20 years of in-depth experience, we consistently provide world-class service. As a family-owned business, you can expect a personal touch and the very best in customer service.

Purchasing an engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime event that demands the utmost attention and care. For dedicated advice from jewellery specialists with a passion for creating flawless engagement rings, contact us today.

Our rings

We provide a selection of captivating engagement rings of varying styles to suit a variety of tastes. Available in different designs, each ring is as captivating and elegant. Our range includes:
• Flower diamond engagement rings
• Tone diamond engagement rings
• Sapphire and diamond engagement rings
• Halo diamond engagement rings
• Pearl and diamond rings
• Rose gold engagement rings
• Sapphire engagement rings
• White gold engagement rings
• 3-stone claw set diamond engagement rings
• Diamond engagement rings
• 4-claw diamond engagement rings
• Halo engagement rings

Something unique for a once-in-a-lifetime moment

If you find you want something unique, we also provide custom engagement rings. After all, it’s not every day you find your soul mate, and it’s not every day you get to ask for their hand in marriage. Make sure the moment is as special as the bond you share with a piece that is exclusively designed and custom made for your union.

We take great pride in ensuring the process is fulfilling. Our dedicated team will take the time to listen and understand the vision you have in mind for your special ring as well as your other half’s preferences. We will design and handcraft the ring of her dreams in our workshop. Nothing says you love your partner like a custom-made engagement ring.

How to choose a diamond ring

If you’ve decided to purchase a diamond ring, you should know that no two diamonds are identical. Furthermore, a diamond may be a girl’s best friend, but if you’re not sure how to distinguish between them, they can be a man’s worst enemy. Make sure to equip yourself with the know-how to choose wisely.

A great starting point is determining the four C’s of a diamond – cut, colour, clarity and carat – each affects the price of a diamond.


Diamonds are known for their sparkle and shimmer. The term ‘cut’ is slightly misleading as a diamond’s cut refers to how well it interacts with light. When a diamond has a favourable cut, it displays impressive proportions, symmetry and a polish that maximises the shine and return of light.

The scale ranges from poor to excellent.


The perfect diamond has no hue, is as clear as water and ultimately of more value than its slightly coloured counterparts. The spectrum for the colour grading of diamonds begins as D, which denotes colourless, and ends at the letter Z, which represents the most significant presence of colour.


A diamond’s clarity is established by carefully determining the number, size, nature and position of characteristics called ‘inclusions’ and ‘blemishes’. Blemishes are external whereas inclusions are internal, with both being a result of the extreme heat and pressure applied to stone and rock deep in the earth.
The closer a diamond is to being pure, the higher its value will be.


This is a term many will be familiar with and refers to the weight of a diamond. A metric ‘carat’ is the equivalent of 200 milligrams. The price of a diamond increases in proportion to its carat weight, all other C’s being equal. This is because larger diamonds are far rarer.

With a wealth of experience in the jewellery industry, we are your local jewellers of choice. Our ethos is to provide a personalised service to each and every client through our doors. Daniel looks forward to meeting you, and would love to take the time to discuss your exact needs and walk you through the options that best suit you. From advice and design to the manufacture and sale of affordable bespoke engagement rings, you will find it all here in our Perth-based store.

Visit us today at Suite 6, 1st Floor London Court, 647/649 Hay Street in Perth to meet with Daniel and to view our stunning range of engagement rings, each one is designed to create that perfect memory.

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